Monday, July 11, 2011

Last Thursday Night

I've been going back and forth between Lincoln and Reno a LOT this summer, so things have been kind of crazy. Last Thursday and Friday were the only two days in a three week period that I got to see Brian, so I really just felt like spending every second with him, not blogging. I was just getting good at being consistent too. But here's the short version of what I was planning on blogging about.

My Momma had a birthday and was nice enough to let me practice Brian's groom's cake as her birthday. The ganache and chocolate pieces had a few troubles, but I think the topsy-turvy-ness worked well.

Brian's art was in a big fancy art show as part of Reno's Art Town. It's that pretty sunset in the background. There's also a picture of me, but I'm not going to show you that, it's bad enough that all of Reno can already see it. (I don't love pictures of me, remember?) But it was fun to go to the artist's reception. I felt so fancy eating appetizers in the lounge of the Sienna Casino with all the fancy people. Also, see the show girls's leg up in the top right corner? The guy who took that picture is a world famous photographer who Brian just so happens to know personally, so he's gonna do our trash the dress pictures for us after the wedding!

I guess there are perks to marrying a photographer, even if I have to be a model every once in a while.

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