Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Too Good to Be True

Yesterday i went to Beverley's to see if they had any Russian netting for a birdcage veil (which reminds me, I need to order some) and I stumbled on this:

Thousands of pearls in every size and color! I almost fainted on the spot.

I guess they were clearing out the entire inventory of this particular item, so they had them all out on a table near the front. There was no packaging, and not much of a display. Just hundreds and hundreds of strands of wire with maybe 25 pearls on each. The strands were rubber banded together in bunches of 20 or so strands. A sign in the middle of the display said $2.99 each. Three dollars for 500 pearls? That is insane! After I pulled myself out of shock, I had to convince myself not to spend over $100 buying every color available. Finally, I settled on 10 bunches of pearls, and spent more time than I should have carefully selecting the best of the best. I was ecstatic, only $30 for a few thousand pearls in all different colors. I could finally start an Etsy shop, and make a nice little (or not so much) profit.

Then, everything came crashing down. I got to the register, and the nice cashier (after giving me a funny look) started counting each strand of pearls. I had at least 200, that would have been $600. Not okay. I'm convinced that I wasn't the first to make this mistake, the advertising was not clear at all. I stopped her right away, and sadly returned my pile of pearls to the table behind me. It's funny how something like this always makes me feel like I lost something, like I missed out on some great deal. If I had never seen those pearls, or if I knew from the start how much they were, I would have kept on living my happy life. But after thinking for a few brief moments of all of the things I could do, then having that taken away, I'm full of regret. Oh well, I'll find pearls again someday.

P.S. I really hate to do this, but vacations mixed with mile long to-do lists are making this next month a little crazy, so I'm going to take a quick break from blogging. I thought I'd be able to squeeze in a post here and there, but I really just need to focus on other things right now. But don't fear, I've come to love this way too much not to come back! See you in August!

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